Wednesday, October 14, 2009

custom work: llama earrings.

So I have been wanting to do this for a while, to share with you some of the custom work that I make. I really do enjoy making custom pieces because you get the chance to learn more about someone else as well as gives me the chance to create a special piece of wearable art that is able to carry the wearer's own personal story.

Recently, I got a custom order on Etsy from Mary in Wisconsin to make a custom pair of llama earrings for her daughter, Brooke. She wanted to surprise her daughter with these custom earrings that she could wear, while showing her llama. I later asked Mary if she could send me some information about Brooke and her llama. In the email, Mary explained to me that the llama is not actually Brooke's, but rather Brooke is part of the Jefferson County 4H club. The llama belongs to a local llama farm named Animal Acres Llamas that is owned by their good friend, Barb Parsons. Barb Parsons leads a 4H group and allows the kids to use her llamas to show. Mary's daughter, Brooke has been showing llamas with the Jefferson County 4H club for the past two years.

Last fall, Brooke and Mary were taking care of the farm when Nuttin was born on August 30th, 2008. Brooke had carried him in from the pasture. Nuttin weighed 25 pounds when he was born.

Mary said that, "He [Nuttin] is a very correct Llama and has won many awards for his confirmation and fiber. Brooke is lucky to be able to show him!" This month, Brooke showed Nuttin in the Jefferson County Fair and they won Grand Champion in Showmanship and Halter. Here are just a few of the images from a regional show that was on October 4th, 2009:

Tomorrow, I will share with you the llama earrings themselves and a few more pictures of Brooke.

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