Friday, June 26, 2009


This afternoon I am off to the Seattle Metals Guild Reception for Helen Williams Drutt and Nancy Worden hosted by Micki and Bill Lippe.

I will post photos of the event in a blog post next week. I am bringing some homemade "szarlotka" (Polish apple cake) to the reception. Yum!

Some other happenings this weekend: Sunday (June 28) the Tacoma Art Museum will have the lecture/program Facets of Meaning: Looking into the Depths of Contemporary Art Jewelry from 1 – 4:30 pm.

Here is a little information from the Tacoma Art Museum website about the event:

"In considering the works in Ornament as Art and Loud Bones, Carol Knicely, Assistant Professor at University of British Columbia, opens this half-day program with a discussion of the multifaceted role of treasure materials in the Middle Ages. Gilda Sheppard, Member of the Faculty, Sociology, Cultural, and Media Studies, Evergreen State College, explores how body adornment carries meaning in a multitude of cultures. Rock Hushka, Curator of Contemporary and Northwest Art at Tacoma Art Museum, investigates the psychological underpinnings of the relationship between jewelry and the viewer, wearer, and artist. Cindi Strauss, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art and Design at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, closes the program with a discussion of the Drutt Collection, followed by a brief conversation with Helen Williams Drutt English in the gallery."

So it is a big metalsmithing weekend. I will be finishing up some work in my studio and getting ready to drop my piece off for the PONCHO art auction. I am also starting some new pieces for a photo shoot in which I will be collaborating with some creative minds---Christy Pelland of c.pelland photography and Melissa Anderson, the owner of Che'mel Salon. Next week I will include some sneak peeks of components for those pieces and much more. Felice week-end! Ciao!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

new displays.

I have been having some internet problems. Sorry for the delay in posts--hopefully things get figured out soon. But anyhow, I wanted to share with you some images from Traver Gallery in Tacoma. I went in there last week to add some new displays for two of my pieces and while I was there I took some more photos.

Adjacent (part of) to Traver Gallery is Vetri (International Glass). Here you can find unique handmade glass work by emerging artists.

Here is a view of the Metal-Urge show as you enter Traver Gallery.



More photos of the Metal-Urge show as well as other images from Traver Gallery and other Metal-Urge events are available on my facebook fan page: Ada Rosman. (metalsmith + jewelry designer).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Opening Reception: The Robert Daniel Gallery (Metal-URGE)

Here we are back again at The Robert Daniel Gallery in Tacoma, however, this time i will be posting some pictures from last weeks opening reception in connection with Metal-Urge. The opening reception was June 18 and featured work from Bill Wentworth, Timothy Leonard, Cynthia Wood, Nadine K. Kariya, Amy Reeves, Robert Stocker, Phillip Baldwin, Ron Pascho, Jennifer Bennett, Maru Almeida, and Christine Clark.

Installation piece by Christine Clark...

Closer view of some of the forms...

Take a look at the wall of wearable works from various artists....

I was really drawn to this painting---I like how the thread blends within the painting.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Standout Prom Contest 2009: graduation party!!!

So in Friday's blog post I mentioned I would be going on the Leavenworth Drive, however, plans changed a bit and I wasn't able to go on the drive this year(so no photos/post on that).

Today, I wanted to share with you Claire's (standout prom winner) graduation party. The graduation party was planned/put together by Tammi Barber of TLB events. The party was held at The Robert Daniel Gallery in Tacoma--- thanks to Mr. Robert Daniel who discounted the rental price (dramatically) for the party. All the photos were taken by Christy Pelland of c.pelland photography.

The space was personalized with photos and mementos of Claire, brought by her family.

Take a look at this "cupcake room".....

This room had a table filled with six dozen mini cupcakes that were donated by Indulge Cupcakes in Puyallup. Flavors ranging from orange creamsicle to carmel macchiato. They are just as delicious as the look!

Christy Pelland put together this wonderful slideshow on her thirty inch cinema display of Claire's experience as the winner of the Standout Prom Contest---from the day we had surprised her at Rogers High School to the photo shoot in Tacoma. Christy also included information and images of all the various sponsors.

Christy was also able to get some food donated by Act 3 Catering in Tukwila as well as servingware donated by AA Party Rental. Take a look at the appetizers...

Group photo of: Melissa Anderson, the owner of Che'mel Salon, Claire (Standout Prom Winner), Tammi Barber owner of TLB events, and Christy Pelland of c. pelland photography.

It is hard to believe that Tammi is not a trained florist. Tammi's detail and creativity makes each one of the arrangements truly unique. Here is some of her beautiful work from Claire's graduation party...

Family photo....

Thanks again to Christy Pelland for coming up with this wonderful idea of recognizing an outstanding young lady as well as giving back to the community. Photo of Claire Tran (Standout Prom Contest Winner of 2009) and Christy Pelland of c.pelland photography.

The cleanup crew... Christy, Tammi and me.

I look forward to being a part of this whole experience next year!

In tomorrow's post we'll be visiting The Robert Daniel Gallery again, however, this time for the Metal-Urge opening reception that happened last Thursday (June 18). It was neat to see how the gallery was transformed with all the new work.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Solstice Shipping Sale.

Summer is officially here---well at least here in the northern hemisphere. In celebrating the Summer Solstice, I will be offering a summer shipping sale in my etsy shop. So head on over to

Shipping discounts are valid through midnight Pacific Daylight Savings Time, June 28th, 2009. *(all other shipping policies apply)

Also, Happy Father's Day! :D

Friday, June 19, 2009

PONCHO- Fine Art Auction.

A few weeks ago, I was was invited to take part in the 8th Annual PONCHO Invitational Fine Art Auction-- in which I will be donating a piece. I am truly excited that I will be able to take part in such a wonderful event and cause.

PONCHO is non-profit corporation in Seattle, Washington that has played a significant role in funding the arts in Seattle through an annual fund-raising auction.

Here is a little history about the organization:

"Many people don’t know that PONCHO is an acronym for “Patrons of Northwest Civic, Cultural and Charitable Organizations.” This was the name given to the first ever charitable auction put on by a group of Seattle business, philanthropic and arts patrons in 1963.

Their singular mission at the time was to raise enough money at the event to retire the $35,000 debt, incurred by the Seattle Symphony despite the successful performance of Aida at the Seattle’s Worlds Fair. The first PONCHO Gala not only covered the debt, but they raised enough additional money to give $50,000 to the Symphony to help establish the Seattle Opera, $15,000 to the Council on Aging and $1,000 to the Seattle Chorale."

PONCHO since then has continued giving back to the arts--- raising $34 million to support more than 200 local arts organizations. I will keep you posted on the piece that I will be donating to the auction as well as other information.

This weekend, I will be going on the 9th annual Leavenworth Drive. It is an event that combines passion for cars as well as the desire to give back to the community. This year the Charity Spotlight is focused on the Children's Hospital in Seattle. Here are just a few photos from the Port Townsend drive from this spring:

I think it will be a lot of fun! Next week, I'll be posting some photos from the Leavenworth Drive as well as some images from last night's Metal-Urge opening reception at The Robert Daniel Gallery in Tacoma. Happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Opening Reception: Traver Gallery.

This weekend was the opening reception of the group show in connection with Metal-Urge at Traver Gallery in Tacoma. As mentioned in an earlier FIRST ever gallery show. I was really excited until probably an hour before and then I got a bit nervous. However, there was no need to be. The evening went great and I had a wonderful time talking with people, artists, and friends.

artist: Ron Ho.
title: Jade in the Wings
year: 2006
medium: jade carved artifacts, jade beads with forged and fabricated silver

artist: Laurie Hall
title: Bedrock
medium: sterling silver, seaglass
dimensions: 12"h x 4"w x .5"d

artist: Catherine Grisez
title: Regenerate
year: 2009
medium: copper, sterling silver, coral, steel
dimensions: 3"h x 7"w x 7"

artist: Nancy Worden
title: N Kondi Collar
year: 2008
medium: silver, steel, brass, wood, glass, plastic, Celluloid, reptile hides, horn, bone, boar bristle
dimensions: 20"l x 6"w x 1.5"d

It was so nice to see some of my friends at the opening reception!

Here we are looking over Catherine Grisez's stunning forms from a previous show (Dig: December 13, 2008- February 8, 2009) at Traver Gallery. As well as a bit of Q&A with Catherine Grisez about her work.

Her pieces are truly stunning from the shape of the forms to the use of patinas and detail.

Group photo of artists.

Left to right: Ada Rosman(me), Laurie Hall, Nancy Worden, Catherine Grisez