Friday, June 19, 2009

PONCHO- Fine Art Auction.

A few weeks ago, I was was invited to take part in the 8th Annual PONCHO Invitational Fine Art Auction-- in which I will be donating a piece. I am truly excited that I will be able to take part in such a wonderful event and cause.

PONCHO is non-profit corporation in Seattle, Washington that has played a significant role in funding the arts in Seattle through an annual fund-raising auction.

Here is a little history about the organization:

"Many people don’t know that PONCHO is an acronym for “Patrons of Northwest Civic, Cultural and Charitable Organizations.” This was the name given to the first ever charitable auction put on by a group of Seattle business, philanthropic and arts patrons in 1963.

Their singular mission at the time was to raise enough money at the event to retire the $35,000 debt, incurred by the Seattle Symphony despite the successful performance of Aida at the Seattle’s Worlds Fair. The first PONCHO Gala not only covered the debt, but they raised enough additional money to give $50,000 to the Symphony to help establish the Seattle Opera, $15,000 to the Council on Aging and $1,000 to the Seattle Chorale."

PONCHO since then has continued giving back to the arts--- raising $34 million to support more than 200 local arts organizations. I will keep you posted on the piece that I will be donating to the auction as well as other information.

This weekend, I will be going on the 9th annual Leavenworth Drive. It is an event that combines passion for cars as well as the desire to give back to the community. This year the Charity Spotlight is focused on the Children's Hospital in Seattle. Here are just a few photos from the Port Townsend drive from this spring:

I think it will be a lot of fun! Next week, I'll be posting some photos from the Leavenworth Drive as well as some images from last night's Metal-Urge opening reception at The Robert Daniel Gallery in Tacoma. Happy weekend!

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