Monday, June 15, 2009

Tour: Danaca Design's Metal Crafting Center.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. My weekend was quite busy.... Saturday was the opening reception of the the group show at Traver Gallery in Tacoma, however, I will write about that day a bit later in the week. While Sunday was Claire's (Standout Prom Winner) graduation party.

So last week, while I was up in Seattle setting up a facebook fan page for the Seattle Metals Guild (more on that tomorrow), I went on a little tour of Danaca Design's Metal Crafting Center. It is a jewelry and small-scale metal working studio that is located in the University District of Seattle. The outside is as welcoming as the inside-- the studio space is well lit and very cheery. The walls have splashes of lime green and vibrant blue.

As you walk in through the front door, you will find a small store-front gallery on the left and right side that features work from local artists (ranging in skill level from amateur to professional). Perhaps you may find your next little treasure here.

I guess it was pink day at Danaca Design's Metal Crafting Center, however, I missed the memo to wear pink.

Take a look at the "Great Wall of Tools".

It just stretches on for miles....

Seeing this wall of tools took me down memory lane and made me think of the University of Washington metals studio--- ALL of the wonderful tools and equipment that we had. I think my next big studio purchase will be a rolling mill.

Shelves full of even more tools...

Danaca Design's Metalcrafting Center offers classes for individuals to gain skills in the art of decorative metal working/jewelry design. Ranging from hollow forming and soldering, to enameling and stone setting and precious metal clay. At Danaca Design's there is a variety of instructors each quarter.

The class sizes are limited to 10 people-- resulting in a great teacher student contact. Allowing students to get better feedback from the instructor as well as group interaction.

Dana Cassara, the owner of Danaca Design's Metalcrafting Center, was showing me one of their handy little tools that allows everyone to see what the instructor is doing at the main bench without having to crowd around. The bench is equipped with a webcam that is hooked up to a flat screen TV, which allows everyone in the class to have a really close up view.

Here is the ring that Dana was showing me through the webcam:

What a truly great space to learn about metalsmithing. So if you are ever in the area, drop by:

Danaca Design's Metalcrafting Center
5619 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

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