Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Standout Prom: Opera Alley & Hotel Murano.

Well, I hope everyone had a good weekend and has been having a wonderful week thus far. I have been keeping busy....

Monday: I headed over to Christy Pelland's house where I got some photography lessons from Christy. Last week I bought a new camera... a Nikon D60. My first dslr camera! Not only did I get some great dslr information, but also some wonderful photoshipping tips. And to top it all off, Christy had made us lunch--- some delcious homemade spaghetti. Yum! After I got home that afternoon, I continued experimenting with my camera and praciting what I was taught. But those images will come in a later post this week.

Tuesday: I dropped off my pieces for the group show at the Traver Galery in Tacoma. The opening reception is this Saturday (June 13) and I am really excited!

However, I will finish today's post by wrapping up with the last few images of Claire's Standout Prom photo shot with Christy Pelland of c. pelland photography. These next few images were taken in Opera Alley.

While, these last few images were shot in downtown Tacoma at the swanky Hotel Murano. To read more about this part of the photo shot and see more images just click here.

Claire's best friend, Allyson, joined for a few of the pictures....

Here is Claire with her boyfriend, Jasbir...

Thanks again Christy for putting together such a wonderful event. I look forward to next year and I am really happy that I could be a part of all this!

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