Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday's Artist of the World (No. 3)...

Today we are off to.....MALI.

Mali, also officially known as the Republic of Mali, is a landlocked nation that is located in West Africa. Mali is very much so a developing nation and is one of the poorest countries in the world. Despite that, Mali has some of the most amazing sites that include four UNESCO World-Heritage sites: the Cliffs of Bandiagara, Djenne, Timbuktu, and the Tomb of Askia in Gao. Mali's history has always included the dramatic landscapes of both the vast desert and rivers. For example, the lucrative trade routes of the Sahara had at one point in history, made Mali one of the richest regions in the world. The northern landscape of Mali is encompassed within the stunning Sahara desert--the largest desert on the planet, while the southern part of the nation features the Niger and Senegal River. It is definitely a nation that is filled with unique history, full of colour, dramatic landscape and so much more.

Djenne Mosque.

Timbuktu, Mali.

Artist-Abdoulaye Konaté:
Abdoulaye Konaté was born in 1953 in Diré, Mali. He had studied painting in Bamako, Mali and then in Havana, Cuba. In his work Abdoulaye Konaté combines his painting skills with installation to make powerful commentary on such issues as political and environmental affairs. In the 1990's his work focused on the issue of encroachment of the Sahel. While some of his current pieces deal with the effects of AIDS on individuals as well as society as a whole. However, Abdoulaye Konaté questioning the political, social and economical aspects of contemporary Mali is visible in how AIDS, war, human rights and globalization affects all aspects of life within both individuals and the society as a whole. Most of Abdoulaye Konaté larger scale work is made from textile-based materials which is a medium that is more readily available than paints.

Gris-gris for Israel and Palestine (2005)

L'Initiation, 2004
Installation, 7 parts, textiles, mixed media
265 x 180 cm

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday's Artist of the World (No. 2)...

Today we will be traveling to France (a country that I have also had the opportunity to travel to).

France is the most visited country in the world, located in Western Europe. The country is full of contrasts with an array of regions and varied landscapes. France draws millions of tourists each year with such attractions as the city of Paris, to the French Riviera, the Alps and amazing châteaux.....and the list goes on and on. France to many is known for it's history, culture, fashion and of course great food/wine. Upon my travels to France I was drawn to the architecture and especially the Art Nouveau style.....also crêpes!!!

Here are some images from my travels:

Paris, France (at night)

Nantes, France

Artist-Christian Boltanski:
Christian Boltanski was born in occupied Paris, France on September 6, 1944 to a Jewish father of Ukrainian heritage and Corsican mother. He is known as a French photographer, sculptor, self-taught painter and as well as an installation artist. I am drawn foremost to his installation pieces in which he evokes to the viewer a sense of past/history and remembrance of forgotten people. He captures the idea of memory/past by arranging such simple items as photographs of people and actual found objects such as: clothing, paper clippings, candles, light bulbs. Through his installations Boltanski draws on such issues as death, memory and loss. I am personally also interested in his work because the idea of memory and past is a reoccurring theme in my work. For example, my thesis work for undergrad was based on my family's journey to America----this is a series of work that I would like to have a post in the near future on. And also, a lot of the jewelry that I sell now draws on memories of places and people.

Untitled Reserve, 1989
clothes, black and white photographs, and lights, 111 x 64 x 7 inches

Le reliquaire, 1988
gelatin silver prints, steel frames, steel boxes, steel mesh, fabric, electric lamps and cables, 94.7 x 105.1 x 28 inches

Friday, January 16, 2009

No artist post this week.

Sorry, that I wasn't able to post this week for Wednesday's Artist of the World since I am getting things ready for Poppy Metals. However, I will be posting Wednesday's artist of the world next week. So please stay tuned for that and also keep your eyes opened for NEW ITEMS that I will be posting in my shop. And last, but not website should be up and running soon.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Etsy Front Page.

I have always wonder about the front page and how great it would be to make it on there. Well, I finally made the Etsy Front Page yesterday!!! I thought I had previously never made the front page, however, I recently registered as a member for Flickr and to my dismay I found out that this is my second time on the front page. DOUBLE the excitement for me!!! I think it is wonderful that Flickr members upload images of previous Etsy Front Pages. Thank you to the following members:

Yesterday's Etsy Front Page: Baltic Amber- Ring was featured in the front page (bottom row, first image on left side).

Thanks to: LilithEvy- the curator of this treasury.
Thanks to: theeye formerly LN♥ for posting the front page image.

........and here is the Etsy Front Page that I didn't even know about: Oval Link- Earrings were featured in the front page bottom row, last image on right side).

Thanks to: rosalera-the curator of this treasury.
Thanks to: Etsy Front Pagers for posting the front page image.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday's Artist of the World (No. 1)...

Every Wednesday, I will travel ("so to say") to a different part of the world. I will pick a different country each week and artist whose work I find interesting. So that will roughly be around 192 countries to travel to.

I have had the pleasure to personally travel to and experience Bolivia. The people of landlocked Bolivia continually struggle with poverty. Despite being the poorest country in South America, this country continues to amaze me with its unparalleled beauty. Bolivia is rich in some of the most amazing scenery, as well as vibrant people and culture. My work has been and continues to be influenced by my travels there.

Here are some images from my personal travels:
La Paz, Bolivia

Coroico, Bolivia

Artist-Roberto Mamani Mamani:
Mamani Mamani is an Aymaran artist born in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 1962. Mamani Mamani's contemporary paintings draw influence from his Aymaran culture, the people and land of Bolivia. I am drawn to the artist's use of vibrant colors and traditional Aymaran symbols which allow his paintings to tell a story of his people and land. His use of these vivid colors and symbols carry a specific meaning, for example: the use of yellow suns in his work are male while blue moons are female, and horses represent the colonization and enslavement of his people by the Spaniards.

"Nostalgia de los Andes"
oil pastels on paper, 2006

"Madre del Arco Iris"
oil pastel on paper, 2006

....and here I am with one of Mamani Mamani's works in the Museum of Contemporary Art (Museo de Arte Contemporaneoin) in La Paz, Bolivia.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Already the beginning of 2009 has started out pretty interesting and fun for me. And I can only hope that the rest of the year continues like this. Here is a little update on items in store for this year:

One item that I am excited about is having my own website. I have always wanted to have one and feel like this would be a perfect time. I am super thankful for my friend Mario for helping me out with it! I am eager to get it up and running.....and am keeping my fingers-crossed, that it will be up by next weekend! (I will keep you all posted on this.)

And another item, that I am thrilled about is being a featured artist of the month at Poppy in Washington, DC. Poppy is owned by Heidi Hess, a fellow classmate and jewelry designer herself. I haven't had the opportunity to see the store in person, but I am amazed by all the beautiful images of the store. It truly looks like a unique and wonderful space.

....and I would also like to say thank you to Sara for the incredible gift!!! I can not describe how thankful and happy I am for it. It will beyond a doubt really help me out. THANK YOU!!!!