Friday, February 27, 2009

The Sunshine State.

From one coast to another, my pieces made it there in great timing. They got to Etoile Boutique yesterday (they weren't suppose to be there until Saturday). Also, found some lovely new pictures of Etoile Boutique's new shop.......the boutique is in a new building (the store just literally moved to the building in front of it, since the last time I was there). It looks great!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday's Artist of the World (No. 6).....

Today, being Ash Wednesday, I thought it would be appropriate if we traveled to Italy where so many are preparing for Lent. For me, Italy personally holds a special place in my heart. In 1987, my parents had sought refugee for our family in a refugee camp in Rome from what was then Communist Poland. (In a future blog post, I will talk more about my families "journey" to America.)

Here we go......

Italy is famous to many for its high fashion, luxury cars, those cute little vespas and of course for it's wonderful cuisine. However, Italy is a country steeped with such a rich, interesting history, beautiful artwork and truly amazing architecture. Italy is a country composed of so many splendid cities; Rome filled with remnants of its Imperial past, Florence for it's Renaissance monuments and architecture, Venice, one of the most stunning cities situated on a lagoon, and the list goes on and on..... from Naples to Sicily to the ruins of Pompeii. Italy has so much to offer to all of it's travelers.

Artist-Olivo Barbieri:
Olivo Barbieri was born in Italy in 1954, he is an Italian artist and photographer of urban environments. It is amazing how in his aerial photographs of cities throughout the world he is able to make buildings look like tiny toys and people like ants. Olivo Barbieri is able to create these tiny worlds by photographing places from a helicopter using a tilt-shift lens photography. He is able to change what is truly there; it is as if though reality and imagination pretty much seem to get blurred. It looks as though you are viewing miniature toy plans that he has created, instead of actual buildings and people from all around the world.

Site specific, LAS VEGAS, 2007

Iguazu, Argentina/Brazil(IG10) 2007

Here is a link to where more information about this artist and his work can be found: Olivo Barbieri

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Etoile Boutique.

Etoile Boutique
2424 1/2 E Robinson Street
Orlando, FL 32803

Today, I sent out some of my jewelry to Etoile Boutique in Orlando, Florida. Katie Reynolds is the owner of this fresh and fun shop in what is known as the Milk District part of Orlando. The Milk District was established as a means of promoting small businesses in the area and has a great community feel. The Milk District currently consists of the Covert Skate Shop, Beta Retail Gallery, Vinyl Richies Wiggly World Of Records and last but not least Etoile Boutique. Etoile Boutique specializes in vintage clothing as well as handmade clothing, accessories and home decor. Katie Reynold promotes handmade, under-the radar designers and artists that are both local and from around the world. However, currently about 90% of the designers and artists that are featured at Etoile are local folks. She also carries her own label of work known as A Rare Bird.

I came upon this shop when I was living in Florida. I was surprised when I walked in and saw Katie Reynolds, the owner. She was super friendly and can honestly tell she is passionate about her boutique!!! I am excited about this opportunity and special thanks to Katie.

Photos: Etoile Boutique (photo thanks to James Kellogg & Eric Althin), Katie Reynolds, Milk District logo, my packaged and ready to send work, A Rare Bird designs

Sunday, February 22, 2009


3235 P St. NW.
Washington DC

Photos from top to bottom: first image-interior of Poppy (photo taken by Kenneth M. Wyner), next two images-Grand Opening Celebration (toast and ribbon cutting), Feb. 5th, 2009. (photos by Mary Bird), bottom two images-my jewelry @ Poppy (photos by Heidi Hess).

Body Adornment.

Body adornment has been a constant feature in the makeup of mankind's existence since the earliest times. Even before mankind was able to shape metal or carve stone, people had adorned their bodies with beads made from natural items such as berries, seeds and shells. While body modifications such as tattooing have been practiced since as far back as the ancient Egyptians and body piercings have been discovered on mummified bodies, including the oldest mummified body of Ötzi the Iceman. The mummy was found in Valentina Trujillon glacier with an ear piercing 7-11mm diameter. These forms of body adornment and various other forms have allowed people to decorate their bodies and express their identity---whether it be a distinct cultural styles or attempt to fulfill religious, social or self standards of beauty.

Yesterday I am came upon Philips' website and some of the interesting forms of body adornment that they have been researching and looking into. For example, the skintile an electronic sensing jewelry that is basically affected by the mood of the wearer. So if you have problems expressing yourself, why not let your jewelry express what you are feeling?

Or these VIBE - emotional sensing necklace that pick up on a various biometric signals.

And this video takes a look at two lovers and the emotional and aesthetic transformations occurring with the use of electronic tattoos:

Take a closer look and learn more about some of these design ideas and others that Philips has on it's website as. You can also leave feedback on the Philips design probes: Design Probes

Friday, February 20, 2009

Who wants to be in my treasury?

Today, I came upon the main treasury page just as there was room to post your own treasury. However, I didn't get a spot! But I found a treasury that was titled "Who wants to be in my treasury?" and thought to myself....hmmmm, what an interesting title. I looked in and it said "First 12 to leave a comment are in my Treasury". So I posted a comment and my stackable Baltic Amber- Ring(s) were picked to be in the treasury. What a fun way to get people involved and an unique way to make a treasury!

*(my ring(s) are the very first image in the first row)
Thank you magination for including me in this fun treasury!

Here is the link to the treasury: Who wants to be in my treasury?

M-agination by Marlene has been knitting for over 25 years and has been crocheting for about 5-7 years. She specializes in clothing and accessories. She has a large assortment of animal slippers for children as well as bunny slippers for adults! Please drop by her shop and see her fun creations. My favorite item from her shop would have to be this tuxedo sweater. I recently became an aunt and I can only image how cute this would be on my nephew!

Here is the link to her Etsy shop: M-agination by Marlene

Facebook Page.

I now have a Facebook page! The page includes images of my current work as well as my BFA work, my blog posts......please feel free to take a look at it and become a fan! Here is the link to my Facebook page:
Ada Rosman. (metalsmith+jewelry designer)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Opening Reception: 4 + 1 Jewelry Art Show.

Here are some images from last week's Opening Reception of the 4+1 Jewelry Art Show at Pacini Lubel Gallery in Seattle. The images are courtesy of Bryan Fu. The show was a lot of fun! It was great to see friends as well some of my mentors and of course all of the wonderful work.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Latin American Inspirations.

My Chakana (Incan Cross)- Necklace made it into a treasury today titled Latin American Inspirations created by southamericatraveler. What a great way to begin the Carnival celebrations with some Latin American Inspirations. Here is the treasury:

*(my necklace is the second image in the first row)
Thank you southamericatraveler for including me in this wonderful Latin American Treasury!

Here is the link to the treasury: Latin American Inspirations.

Southamericatraveler is a recent graduate from upstate New York who loves to travel and experience various cultures. In her Etsy shop she currently showcases work from her recent travels to Latin America where she had "swam with piranhas in Ecuador, saw Hugo Chávez speak in Nicaragua, and saw the Strait of Magellan in Chile." Please stop by her shop and see her wonderful images of Latin American and read about her amazing adventures. This image is my personal favorite:

Here is a link to her Etsy shop: southamericatraveler

Wednesday's Artist of the World (No. 5).....

Today, I thought we could travel back around the globe to South America where the world's longest and probably largest carnival celebrations are held in Brazil. Rio Carnival 2009 will start in a few days on Friday, February 20th and will last until Fat Tuesday, on February 24th......what a great time to see the work of a Brazilian artist whose work is infused with so much color and rhythm!

Brazil is the largest country in South America, as well as the fifth largest country in the world, occupying basically half of South America. Brazil is full of contrasts from the untouched Amazon rainforest to the array of colorful metropolises ranging from Brasilia, São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. The country is also famous to many for its football (US: soccer) traditions as well as annual Carnaval celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recife, and Olinda. It is a country with such great diversity; offering travelers an array of scenery, wildlife, and animals. There is definitely plenty of things to see and do in Brazil!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Artist-Beatriz Milhazes:
Beatriz Milhazes was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1960-- a city which is famous for it's Carnival celebrations, samba and other music as well as for it's amazing natural settings. Her paintings include Brazilian cultural imagery as well as references to western Modernist paintings. Beatriz Milhazes works in the pure aesthetic style of the Pattern and Decoration movement. Her work mixes her Brazilian heritage with the vibrant and bold colors as well as patterns, yet her work is such an universal experience. To me, her work is playful, rhythmical, bold and colorful something that Rio de Janeiro is, as well as the Brazilian culture. I am drawn to how Beatriz work is infused with all this energy and movement; drawing on the pleasures of life rather than on hardships. She is able to drawn inspiration from everything around her city from jewellery, embroidery, folk art, architecture to the traditional Brazilian fabrics known as chitão.

Peace and Love, 2005,
Gloucester Road Station Project
Platform for Art Underground
London, UK

Mariposa, 2004
Acrylic on canvas
98 X 98 inches

Here is a link to some more information about the artist and her work: Beatriz Milhazes

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bunny meets Llama.

My World Textile (Bolivia)- Necklace made it into a treasury today titled Bunny meets Llama created by PattyBilbro. What a great title and fun collection.

*(my necklace is the last image in the second row)
Thank you PattyBilbro for including it in your treasury!!!

PattyBilbro's creates mainly functional ceramic art with simple forms, minimalistic brush strokes and organic surfaces with the colors and textures she uses on her work. It is also nice to note, that since PattyBilbro uses high fire stoneware her pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. This tumbler with Girl and Llama is a favorite item of mine:

Here is the link to her Etsy shop: PattyBilbro

Doors from around the world.

I made a treasury today inspired by my love of doors. Whenever I travel, I enjoy taking photos of doors; I love how every door has it's own unique character and story. Here is the treasury:

Here is the link to the treasury: Doors from around the world.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day......

Saint Valentine is the name for various martyred saints of ancient Rome. Here is one idea of how this holiday that is celebrated by so many around the world came to be:

Around third-century Rome, Emperor Claudius II had banned marriages because he believed that single men made for better soldiers then married men with families. However, a Roman priest defied these orders and continued to marry Christian couples and also helped out Christians who at that time in Rome were being persecuted by Claudius II. When Claudius discovered this, he had Valentine arrested and thrown into jail, and later beheaded

In an embellishment to The Golden Legend, on the evening before Valentine's execution, the priest wrote a letter thought to be the first "valentine" to a young girl- (believed to be perhaps the jailer's daughter)-who had visited him in confinement. It is not quite sure whether Valentine had befriended or healed her...or perhaps both. However, he had given her this letter before his execution, in which he had signed it: "From your Valentine." Which is an expression still used to date.

Well, whatever story or saint you believe brought this holiday celebrated by millions to be---remind your family and friends not ONLY on this day, but EACH day of how important they are to you in your life. Happy Valentine's Day!!! I hope that everyone can enjoy this day with their loved ones.

From your Valentine,

Friday, February 13, 2009

Treasury: Travel with me......

Here is the treasury I made on Etsy--these are some of my favorite photos:

Here is the link to the treasury: Travel with me...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday's Artist of the World (No. 4).....

We are traveling today to the continent of Asia....more specifically I will take you all on a journey to Korea.

Country- Korea:
Korea is composed of two sovereign countries--North Korea and South Korea. Korea has an interesting history of separation, leading back to the aftermath of World War II in which Korea was left partitioned along the 38th parallel and today the peninsula is still divided along that parallel. However, the the current "buffer zone" of land running across the Korean Peninsula is known as the the Korean Demilitarized Zone and definitely the most heavily armed border in the world.The northern part of the peninsula known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is ran by a Soviet-style socialist regime, while the south part of Korea known as the Republic of Korea has Western-style republic.

Korea as a whole is situated on the Korean Peninsula and runs 1,100 kilometers north and south. Korea is not only comprised of the mainland, but as well as some 3,200 islands. The Republic of Korea (south) is a country that has a forward way of thinking and a continued can-do approach to things. It is country full of endless possibilities; comprised of picturesque mountains, serene temples, abundant rice patties, beautiful islands and so much more. While the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a country that truly mysterious and isolated from the rest of the world. The nation only admits fewer than 2,000 Westerners a year, however, if you have the chance to travel to northern Korea Mount Paekdu (Paekdusan) is considered to be one of the most stunning sights on the Korean peninsula. Being the highest mountain in the country at 2,744m as well as an amazing geological phenomenon.

Artist- Jeong-Hwa Choi:
Jeong-Hwa Choi was born in Seoul, Korea in 1961 and received his BFA from Hong Ik University in Seoul. In his work, Jeong-Hwa Choi uses a variety of mediums including video screens, real and fake food, lights and wires to plastic items of sorts. His work is inspired by the open-air markets, his work tends to use kitsch and theatrical consumer products/mass produced merchandise. It is interesting to see how Jeong-Hwa Choi uses these mass produced items to draw attention to the culture of superficial fabrication in Korea and the excess. I am interested in how his work is able to use these somewhat everyday objects and leave such an impression on the surroundings in which the work is placed.

Believe or Not, Ilmin Museum, 2006

Soft Power, Korea Foundation Cultural Center, 2007

Here is the artist's website where these images of his work and many more can be found:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 + 1 Jewelry Art Show.

Tomorrow I am going to Pacini Lubel Gallery ( in Seattle for the opening reception in which two of my friends will be displaying their work. This is a jewelry exhibition featuring five artists: Micki Lippe, Jennifer Bennett, Julia Henschied, Frederick Park, and Midori Saito. The exhibition runs from February 5-February if you are in town please come by and see their work.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Postponed: Wednesday's Artist of the Week.

We are traveling today to: England

England is another country that is considered to be one of the world's most popular visitor destinations. Perhaps the reason for this is, England is so diverse: from city life and scenic landscapes, to old-fashioned customs and the avant-garde culture. One moment you may be viewing the ancient megaliths of Stonehenge and in no time at all you are in one of the largest and busiest cities in the world, London. It is a nation that is full of diversities from it's landscape, history, culture and people. Here are two images from my travels:

Artist-Banksy (Robin Banks or...):
Banksy is the British graffiti artist's pseudo-anonymous believed to have been born in 1974 in Bristol, England...however, there is this great uncertainty about his identity and biographical details. The artist known as Banksy has been able to keep his identity a guarded security that only a few trusted friends known. His work is primarily done with stencils and spray paint on public walls. Despite keeping his identity very secretive, his graffiti work on the other hand has appeared in cities throughout the world. His art work is often seen as being satirical--drawing on topics such as cultural, politics and ethics. I am drawn to how the Banksy has the ability to grab people's attention with his work and create a such a bold statement.

Artwork done in Palestine: Wall of Seperation

Artwork done in London

......please do take a look at some more of this artist's unique work on his website:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Website/ Grand Opening of Poppy.

Well, this week's Wednesday's Artist of the Week will be postponed until tomorrow (Friday). I have been working hard on my website with my friend Mario. And I am HAPPY to announce that it is up and running. It has definitely been a fun process, learning about all the things that Photoshop and Flash can do. Really great tools!!! There are still some things that I will be tweaking and adding on in the days to come to my website. So please stay tuned for updates. However, please do go by and see what I have been up to:

Today, is also the Grand Opening of Poppy ( in Georgetown, Washington DC. In an earlier post, I had mentioned that my work would be featured there along with Heidi Hess's (owner of Poppy/jewelry designer).......well TODAY is the day, the Grand Opening Celebration. So if you are in the area please do stop by to see our work: