Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Etoile Boutique.

Etoile Boutique
2424 1/2 E Robinson Street
Orlando, FL 32803

Today, I sent out some of my jewelry to Etoile Boutique in Orlando, Florida. Katie Reynolds is the owner of this fresh and fun shop in what is known as the Milk District part of Orlando. The Milk District was established as a means of promoting small businesses in the area and has a great community feel. The Milk District currently consists of the Covert Skate Shop, Beta Retail Gallery, Vinyl Richies Wiggly World Of Records and last but not least Etoile Boutique. Etoile Boutique specializes in vintage clothing as well as handmade clothing, accessories and home decor. Katie Reynold promotes handmade, under-the radar designers and artists that are both local and from around the world. However, currently about 90% of the designers and artists that are featured at Etoile are local folks. She also carries her own label of work known as A Rare Bird.

I came upon this shop when I was living in Florida. I was surprised when I walked in and saw Katie Reynolds, the owner. She was super friendly and helpful.....you can honestly tell she is passionate about her boutique!!! I am excited about this opportunity and special thanks to Katie.

Photos: Etoile Boutique (photo thanks to James Kellogg & Eric Althin), Katie Reynolds, Milk District logo, my packaged and ready to send work, A Rare Bird designs

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