Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 5: the process

Working for myself and creating handmade jewelry, I've learned no two pieces will be exactly alike. This is definitely true about the creating and designing process as well. My fiancé and I had different visions for each of our wedding bands. He wanted his wedding band to be completely smooth. 

While I being slightly sentimental on the other had wanted small elements of the rings past to be left present so that I could be reminded of it's origins. I think there is no right or wrong way - it's just our own personal style.

I actually ended up having two wedding bands made for me - one for our civil wedding that was in the Olympic Peninsula in May and another one especially for our church wedding in Szestno, Poland. The band that I used for the civil wedding was actually a collaboration with my fiancé (I'll share a photo of that one in the next blog post) and a bit more about the collaboration.

Being able to pick our design styles and creating a dialogue of what we each wanted allowed for me to finally get started on redesigning these specials rings into our own pieces with our own personal stories.

Pictured above is my fiance's (now my husband's) wedding band and mine is the one with the word amo (our nickname to each other).

Ada Rosman

Monday, July 27, 2015

Witamy w Polsce / Welcome to Poland

We made it to Poland and it now has been a week since we've been here...  and let me tell you there are moments were I feel like a fish out of water. Lots of questions and continually looking for answers. Some times the most simple things turn out to be more complicated then expected. Adjusting and learning to be patient seems to be key.

We arrived to Warsaw last Sunday to find out that only one of my suitcases arrived and it happened to contain all my winter clothes. My other suitcase with summer clothes decided to stay in Seattle (not very helpful). I guess that is part of the new adventure, right? Three days later and some of the worst customer service I have EVER experienced from the lost and found at the airport - my suitcase finally decided to depart Seattle and arrived in Warsaw.

Translating - there is lots of that happening since my fiancé doesn't know Polish. Translating all day from English to Polish and Polish to English. Some days I even try to translate English to English. HA! As you can image, my brain hurts some days and I start to stutter.

It is definitely hard adjusting and finding home away from home or rather what I grow up with. I have always had a hard time calling the United States home as there was a part of me that longed for my relatives back in Poland, but then when I would come to Poland for the summers I would long for Washington state - thus the dilemma of an immigrant child I suppose.

Ada Rosman

PS - I've had the chance to eat some of my summer favorites in Poland - bób (broad beans) and maliny (some of the most delicious raspberries).

Thursday, June 25, 2015

adventure truly awaits!

The journey is made up of various paths, we get to pick which ones we travel down.

Ada Rosman

Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 4: change

Some of you maybe wondering what did Friday's post have to do anything with those rings on the previous post??? Today is the day you'll find out that I have trouble altering heirloom jewelry. I just feel like each object carries it's own unique story just like how my Grandmother would tell me stories of some of the objects she gifted to me.

But the interesting part is . . . that as a jewelry designer I've always wanted to create work that tells the wearers own story. So there lies the dilemma. What to do? How do I go about altering heirloom jewelry into something new? You can imagine how long it had taken me to start working on designing the new bands that my fiancé and I envisioned to wear on our wedding day and how I was going to go about altering my parents' wedding bands. Let me just tell you it took a few months (more like 4 months) before I was even fine with the idea of changing these two special rings.

Ada Rosman

Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 3: sentimental person

Those that know me well, know that I am truly sentimental person. I can honestly say I've been like that since as long as I can remember (basically forever). I don't know if has to do with being a first generation immigrant or just a simple hoarding problem since childhood. 

When I was younger, I would fill my room with a random array of eclectic items (I don't think that has changed much though - HA!) ranging from such things as an old license plate (from our family car), colorful textiles to random family keepsakes brought back from Poland and our various travels as a family. 

Thanks to my parents, growing up I got to spend several summers in Poland - some of the fondest memories I have are of spending time with my Grandma in Warsaw and hearing her tell me stories about how life once was. She would often gift me small objects like dishes and random knickknacks, some of the items had such special and unique stories. I just loved hearing her stories!

More tomorrow on this topic . . .

Ada Rosman