Wednesday, November 16, 2016

30-Minute Craft: Bolivian Awayo

Finally getting around to posting about my 30-min craft project I did last month. Here is a sneak peek of the photo that I had posted on my Instagram a few weeks back.


This awayo has travelled from Bolivia to Poland and back with us to the Olympic Peninsula. I wanted to find a way to display this special piece in our home. 

I gathered together a few items: the beautiful awayo along with this awayo ribbon that I bought on my last trip to Bolivia, a stick that carries some wonderful memories from our wet wading summer adventures (my nieces and nephew named it the "Gandalf stick". HAHA!!!), leather cord plus a needle and thread. 

With supplies in hand, 30-minutes later I was read to hang it up!

I am so happy we get to see this beauty every day and be reminded of life's simple pleasures - love, family, and great friends!

Ada Rosman 

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