Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday's Artist of the World (No. 1)...

Every Wednesday, I will travel ("so to say") to a different part of the world. I will pick a different country each week and artist whose work I find interesting. So that will roughly be around 192 countries to travel to.

I have had the pleasure to personally travel to and experience Bolivia. The people of landlocked Bolivia continually struggle with poverty. Despite being the poorest country in South America, this country continues to amaze me with its unparalleled beauty. Bolivia is rich in some of the most amazing scenery, as well as vibrant people and culture. My work has been and continues to be influenced by my travels there.

Here are some images from my personal travels:
La Paz, Bolivia

Coroico, Bolivia

Artist-Roberto Mamani Mamani:
Mamani Mamani is an Aymaran artist born in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 1962. Mamani Mamani's contemporary paintings draw influence from his Aymaran culture, the people and land of Bolivia. I am drawn to the artist's use of vibrant colors and traditional Aymaran symbols which allow his paintings to tell a story of his people and land. His use of these vivid colors and symbols carry a specific meaning, for example: the use of yellow suns in his work are male while blue moons are female, and horses represent the colonization and enslavement of his people by the Spaniards.

"Nostalgia de los Andes"
oil pastels on paper, 2006

"Madre del Arco Iris"
oil pastel on paper, 2006

....and here I am with one of Mamani Mamani's works in the Museum of Contemporary Art (Museo de Arte Contemporaneoin) in La Paz, Bolivia.

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