Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday's Artist of the World (No. 2)...

Today we will be traveling to France (a country that I have also had the opportunity to travel to).

France is the most visited country in the world, located in Western Europe. The country is full of contrasts with an array of regions and varied landscapes. France draws millions of tourists each year with such attractions as the city of Paris, to the French Riviera, the Alps and amazing châteaux.....and the list goes on and on. France to many is known for it's history, culture, fashion and of course great food/wine. Upon my travels to France I was drawn to the architecture and especially the Art Nouveau style.....also crêpes!!!

Here are some images from my travels:

Paris, France (at night)

Nantes, France

Artist-Christian Boltanski:
Christian Boltanski was born in occupied Paris, France on September 6, 1944 to a Jewish father of Ukrainian heritage and Corsican mother. He is known as a French photographer, sculptor, self-taught painter and as well as an installation artist. I am drawn foremost to his installation pieces in which he evokes to the viewer a sense of past/history and remembrance of forgotten people. He captures the idea of memory/past by arranging such simple items as photographs of people and actual found objects such as: clothing, paper clippings, candles, light bulbs. Through his installations Boltanski draws on such issues as death, memory and loss. I am personally also interested in his work because the idea of memory and past is a reoccurring theme in my work. For example, my thesis work for undergrad was based on my family's journey to America----this is a series of work that I would like to have a post in the near future on. And also, a lot of the jewelry that I sell now draws on memories of places and people.

Untitled Reserve, 1989
clothes, black and white photographs, and lights, 111 x 64 x 7 inches

Le reliquaire, 1988
gelatin silver prints, steel frames, steel boxes, steel mesh, fabric, electric lamps and cables, 94.7 x 105.1 x 28 inches


bpm2000 said...

reminds me of art history class. :P

Ada Rosman said...

well....i can ONLY hope that you are enjoying my art history class thus far. ;)

bpm2000 said...

Very much so :D

My art history teacher actually got fired from UW I believe.
(for sucking I bet! hahahah!)