Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday's Artist of the World (No. 9).....

Country- Ireland:
Ireland is definitely a tourist destination for many. Travelers are drawn to this country's traditional side as well as for it's stunning scenery. Ireland is thought to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Ireland has a truly lush landscape that is spotted with castles and cathedrals, amazing coastlines and unspoilt country landscapes. You can visit prehistoric sites or perhaps see the Guinness brewery or visit some Irish pubs. The people of Ireland are considered to be quite friendly and welcoming.

images by jule_berlin

Artist- Katie Holten:
Katie Holten was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1975. She uses various mediums in her artwork ranging from drawings, installations, sculptures, photographys and public art project. She creates work that focuses on the individual and the environment. Holten work closes the distinction between natural and artificial by mixing various media as well as recycled materials. I am drawn to how Holten engages others into the environments and little continents/worlds she creates.

The Black Tree (installation view at Schurmann Berlin), 2005 - 2007, cardboard, newspaper, wood, wire, duct tape

28 Globes, 2006 - 2008, ink and acrlyic on molded newspaper

Link to where more images and information about the artist can be found: Katie Holten

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