Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Photo Doodle: No. 1

As promised in an earlier post I will be introducing some new items into my blog. Since I got my new camera, I am continually drawn to looking at things a bit more closer and examining my surroundings. I have decided that it would be a fun experiment to take some detail shots of various textures, shapes, and colors at least once a week. It will be interesting to see how these images influence my jewelry. So welcome to photo doodle....

You are probably wondering what is with this name PHOTO DOODLE. Well, each blog post will be appropriately titled: photo doodle along with a numerical number. I came up with the name PHOTO DOODLE because I see the images as being just that doodles, but in a photo form which in the end will lead to doodles or sketches in my notebook.

Some days I will describe what I like about certain images or how I could incorporate them into my work, while other days I will just post images. So I hope you will enjoy these experiences with me. And of course feedback and critiques are always welcomed!

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