Tuesday, June 8, 2010

custom: silver ring (part 1)

Hello everyone! I can't believe it is already June. Time sure does fly. So I have been meaning to share with you some new ring additions to my etsy shop as well as lots more updates on new collections and stand out prom happenings. Looking forward to sharing all this with you-- next week.

In regards to those new ring additions in my etsy shop, I would first like to share with you a story about a custom listing I recently made. A fellow etsian contacted me in regards to making my 143 (I Love You)- Necklace into a ring. She wanted "143 xIP4I" stamped on the outside of the band with the same finish as the necklace.

I had asked her if she wouldn't mind sharing what "xIP4I" meant to her and she had told me it was their own personal little message, standing for "to the infinite power, for infinity"

She continued to share with me that she had recently received a "promise ring a few months ago, but that's now changed hands to be a sort of pre-engagement ring, if you will." She wanted to also get her fiancée something that was of equal importance. I was excited to be included in this special surprise. It was so cute to hear that they have used 143 since the beginning, and that they still have "battles pretty much daily" to say I Love You at 1:43. Which is something I had never thought about before.... very fun! Thank you Cam for sharing your story and congrats to you both.

Tomorrow I will share some of the new additions that can already be found in my etsy shop and some fun ideas for custom orders.... so stay tuned.

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