Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Items for the Holidays!

As I am preparing to list new jewelry items on Etsy, I have also decided to make some new products to add to my Etsy store for the holidays. The first set of items, are these leather ornaments that can be personalized to say anything you imagine. Perhaps, a special place, date, names or perhaps some international holiday greetings. Each leather ornament has a slit where you can slip in your favorite photo. You can also use a fabric pen to write a special message on the back of each of the ornaments.

new holiday items:: leather ornaments

This next addition will have a seperate section in my Etsy shop and will include a range of postcards that have been designed by me. Many of them have some fun Polish sayings and there is even a design that is perfect for the holidays. The postcard below reads: Wesołych Świąt!, which translated into English means Happy Holidays. This postcards is adorned with white and red classic Christmas ornaments that are filled with various size hearts. Definitely a great way to spread the holiday cheer and love.

new holiday items:: postcard

Tomorrow the holiday spirit will be in full swing with the introduction of my "Holiday Shop" in my Etsy store.

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