Tuesday, February 15, 2011

re-styled vintage jewelry.

Here are some of the pin-up esk jewels that I promised to share with you. This new collection of jewelry is a collaboration that I have been working on these past few weeks. All the pieces are made from vintage jewelry/materials that have been re-styled into new pieces. These pieces were designed with Christy Pelland's Sweet Betty Jean pin-up artistry in mind. Each piece of jewelry is one-of-a kind or limited edition and is truly unique and special. Here are just a couple of pieces from the collection....

hot pink

silver beads

sultry purple

mint green and gold

As you can tell each piece is bold and fun! I'll be posting another batch of jewels tomorrow.


Claire said...

I love the last two! The minty color with the gold is scrumptious. :)

Ada Rosman said...

Thanks Miss Claire. Can't wait to get started on the new vintage treasures I found. I should take a picture of some of the lovely items beforehand.