Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Morocco:: Lemon Fashion Shoot

I posted a sneak peek on my facebook page earlier today from Claire Eliza's "Lemon" fashion shoot with Miss Layne. I just wanted to share with you yet another glimpse here on my blog. This shoot featured one of my favorite necklaces (Morocco 3- Necklace) from my diseño collection.

lemons shoot

I love how this piece gives a glimpse into a shape that is typically seen throughout Moroccan architecture. This simple scalloped shape can be seen used over doorways, on windows, adorning arches, and throughout the ornate tile work. I just can't imagine when I have the chance to travel to Morrocco, how truly engulfed I will be in the stunning architecture. Not many people know, but at one point in my university career I wanted to study architecture thus now you can better understand my slight love affair with architectural details. But for now I dream of traveling to Morocco through my architecture books.

Claire has put together another absolutely lovely fashion film that actually features the necklace pictured above. Thank you Miss Claire! Go ahead and take a look below:

To see more pictures from this shoot and other fashion shoots, please head on over here.

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