Monday, April 27, 2015

Walentynkada: Grace from Ethiopia

Here is a little belated post about March's walentynkada. Sorry for the delay, but my work horse (Macbook Pro) decided to give out and needed a new logic board. Anyhow, I am truly looking forward to sharing this special piece with you all.       


Nikki of Oliverblue Photography contacted me about making a custom design necklace for her. She wanted to send a gift with some of her friends that were heading to Ethiopia to a sweet little boy named Grace that she had met on her mission travels.

Grace had sent her a letter a few months ago and had ended the sweet note with "always remember to let your light shine." She wanted to include part of this lovely message on the custom piece.


She decided on a personalized necklace for Grace. I told Nikki about my walentynkada project and told her that I would love to have this piece be a part it.


 I loved hearing the story behind how special this little boy was to her, that she loved him like he was one of her own children. 
What a special bond these to share separated by so many miles!

Thank you Nikki for letting me be a part of this sweet surprise!
Grace received his necklace, take a look: The Story of Grace in Shashamane

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