Monday, June 1, 2015

Walentynkada: Little Explorers

Today's International Children's Day so it's only fitting if I finally share April's #walentynkada which has to do with some special little explorers. I know you are thinking (what has taken her so long).... please forgive me, but the month of May kept me quite busy with work in the studio, wedding happenings, and Poland planning. Odd to thinking we'll be #PolandBound in about 7 weeks! What?!?! How did that happen? 

Anyhow, I had mentioned that April's #walentynkada was a double surprise for some little explorers. These two little girls are always ready to hike, camp, and explore the beautiful PNW. 

My dear friend Christy Pelland who also happens to be Pacific Coast Regional Coordinator for  SheJumps - loves to create wonderful experiences for her daughters. And I definitely do enjoying exploring with the Pelland ladies! 

I wanted to surprise the little ones with something that they can wear while exploring. Meet the SheJumps Girafficorn below.

April's #walentynkada was a double dose of Girafficorn love with these custom pint-size leather cuff bracelets perfect for these little explorers. . . 

Each bracelet features a little secret message inside - one reads never stop exploring, while the other says adventure awaits!


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