Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 4: change

Some of you maybe wondering what did Friday's post have to do anything with those rings on the previous post??? Today is the day you'll find out that I have trouble altering heirloom jewelry. I just feel like each object carries it's own unique story just like how my Grandmother would tell me stories of some of the objects she gifted to me.

But the interesting part is . . . that as a jewelry designer I've always wanted to create work that tells the wearers own story. So there lies the dilemma. What to do? How do I go about altering heirloom jewelry into something new? You can imagine how long it had taken me to start working on designing the new bands that my fiancé and I envisioned to wear on our wedding day and how I was going to go about altering my parents' wedding bands. Let me just tell you it took a few months (more like 4 months) before I was even fine with the idea of changing these two special rings.

Ada Rosman

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