Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 2: a box full of treasures

My fiancé and I had received a truly special gift from my family this past Christmas. A special wooden box that was filled with some of the most unique and special treasures including those two special rings you saw yesterday. . . 

My parents shared with us the meaning behind each piece and how it all came together. My parents wanted the rings and note to all be stored in a special box for us. 

The gold bands were my parent's wedding bands, the paper was a note my Grandmother had written to me a long time ago (my Aunt had found it and given it to my Mom), the horseshoe was found in an antique shop in Mrągowo (this is where we will be having our church wedding this summer) by my Mom and Aunt while searching for that special wooden box, however, the perfect little wooden box was finally found by my Mom's dear friend (I refer to her as my second Mom) made by a local artisan in Warsaw. Each item is so truly special as well as symbolic. 

Ada Rosman

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