Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost in Translation.

Yesterday was the premiere of the sixth and final season of LOST! I picked up watching LOST towards the beginning of the fifth season and quickly became interested. This morning I found out my 143 (I Love You)- Necklace was included in a storque article about Etsy Finds: Lost in Translation. What a fun surprise to wake up to!

One of etsy adminstrators (emilybidwell) put together today's Etsy Finds with items "inspired by the secret messages and important symbols found by the marooned crash survivors in their efforts to find a way off of the island." Thanks Etsy for including my necklace in this fun article!

my description/meaning of necklace:

This necklace is your little secret way of saying "I Love You". 143 is a numerical representation of the expression 'I love you' where each of the three numbers represents the amount of letters in each of the words. One letter for I, four letters for Love, three letters for You. This necklace is part of my word collection.

This numerical representation and expression of ones love was commonly used when pagers just came out. However, 143 is still used in text messaging and online.

This necklace can also be personalized as a CUSTOM ORDER:
If you would like a custom message stamped (e.g. your child's name, couple's initials, special dates) or a different design/shape, please convo me on Etsy to find out pricing. I enjoy making custom orders!

This necklace would be a PERFECT gift for any special occasion.... a secret way of telling someone you love them!

side note: tomorrow is load-in day for BAM: INDULGE.... super exciting. Also, tomorrow's blogpost will include photos of my new rack cards for the event that were designed by Rebecca Stewart-Johnson---I look forward to sharing those with you!


PaperMichelle said...

Congrats on the feature!

Ada Rosman said...

thank you.... i was super surprised. one of my friend's on faceboook posted it first on my wall that my necklace was featured.