Monday, February 8, 2010

rack cards.

The past few days have been quite busy with the BAM: INDULGE event being this weekend, that is why I wasn't able to get to last week's blogpost about my new rack cards. Rebecca Stewart-Johnson designed my new rack cards.....

I think they look absolutely amazing. The front of the card includes an image of a textile storefront that I had take when I was in La Paz, Bolivia on Calle Sagarnaga (it's mainly a market street with artesano and souvenir stores). This is what inspired the World Textile (Awayo/Bolivia)- Earrings (image on the left). While the last image on the right is taken by Christy Pelland of c. pelland photography for the Urban Glam photo shoot.

The back of the rack card includes my artist's bio.....

along with my photo and details about where to find my work online.

I ordered a 1,000 of them before the show and they turned out great. Thank you so much Rebecca Stewart-Johnson for designing them. They are perfect!

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