Thursday, October 7, 2010

VAIN: España collection

I am excited to share a special photo/jewelry collaboration that I have been working on with the wonderfully talented photographer Miss Claire. This past summer, Claire studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain and had the opportunity to travel throughout the country. Before Claire left for Spain, we had had talked about her inspiration for the images--- pictures that would best represent and give a glimpse of the beautiful country.

plaza de toros

I really couldn't wait to see and hear about Claire's travels. In this collaboration, I created a new collection of work based off of images that Claire and I had selected from her travels in Spain. It was such a fun experience to look through the photos and to automatically see things that inspired me. Here is a sneak peek of some of the pieces:


Claire's photos turned unique, handmade postcards and my new collection of jewelry will be featured this month in VAIN Ballard. Please come by VAIN for the Ballard Art Walk this Saturday (October 9th). I will be posting more images from the Art Walk as well as introducing pieces from the España collection.

side note: i am trying a new format for the images on my blog. what do you think of the size of the images?

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rsjcreative said...

Love the new stuff! Can't wait to see the show! And your bigger images ROCK!