Thursday, January 14, 2010

diseño collection.

So in our dinner meeting last week, we talked about ideas about showcasing and getting more information out about my pieces and the various collections. Rebecca Stewart-Johnson has designed these wonderful information cards for each of the collections. Here is a preview of the diseño collection:

All the cards will be 5 x 7 in size and will either be mounted on foam board or placed in small frames. I wanted to share with you the diseño collection information card because I am currently working on a few new pieces. Here is one of the sketches for my first new Moroccan inspired necklace, that is part of the diseño collection:

The following image is of the finished necklace:

This necklace would look great alone or paired up with the Morocco 1- Earrings.

This arch shape of the pieces is influenced by architectural elements as well as tile work. I am really interested by all of the beautiful patterns and shapes that can be seen all throughout Morocco. Morocco is definitely a destination on my travel list... I hope to go some day! I will be posting more of my Moroccan inspired diseño collection pieces in upcoming blog posts.

You can now find my Moroccan inspired necklace in my etsy shop: Morocco 3- Necklace

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