Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sketchbook no. 1

Hope everyone had a great weekend. This week I would like to start off by sharing with you a bit about my sketchbook blogposts, these posts will include photos from my sketchbook along with work-in-progress.

I am really excited for the following piece.... an interchangeable ring. This particular shape known as Chakana or Incan Cross is commonly seen used in Bolivian textiles as well as in ruins and artifacts. The inside circle of the Chakana will have space to insert various textiles that I have brought back from my travels to Bolivia.

This ring will be part of my World Textile collection, which is similiar to the diseño collection in the sense that it will use silhouettes of iconic patterns native to each country. However, this collection differs a bit because each item from the collection will include a piece of typical textile from that particular country.

These next two pieces are part of the diseño collection. Both of them focus on patterns commonly seen in Moroccan tile work and architecture.

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