Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laurel Creek Manor: Bridal Bash!

This past Sunday I had the pleasure to take part in Laurel Creek Manor's Bridal Bash event. I made a new pair of pearl earrings, which were included in one of the raffle giveaways.

I had also brought with me some special discounts that were put in the swag bags for all the brides that came to Laurel Creek Manor. Take a look:

Thanks again to Christy Pelland for designing the the information card, which includes images of my work as well as some information about my custom pieces. The information card I had printed locally and combined it with this fun invitation kit that had this bright turquoise paisley design.

Tomorrow's post will include some more images from the Bridal Bash itself! So stay tuned.

(side note: today is my birthday... have definitely enjoyed everyone's birthday wishes online and have been working hard finishing things up in the studio. so sorry for the lack of posts.)


Rebecca said...

Love the "something blue" little bag for the earrings Ada! Such nice and subtle touches that make your work stand out! PS. love the earrings, might need to get a pair for myself :)

Ada Rosman said...

Thanks Becca! :D