Monday, April 20, 2009

Travels: Whidbey Island (part I).

This weekend I went on a day trip to Whidbey Island. I have for quite some time now wanted to see this commonly-photographed landmark of the Puget Sound region known as Deception Pass. Luckily the weather held out and we had no rain. On our drive in we came upon what seemed to be a shrimp shack. Hence the big shrimp graphic and large words that spelled out SHRIMP across this white shack. To be truthful, we first had driven past it.....only to make a u-turn further down the road.

This adorable shack had definitely pulled us in. We got some food to go and continued on our way to Deception Pass. We of course had to pull over in the pull outs and take some pictures before we crossed the bridge.

We later stopped at the Deception Pass Park where we found a picnic table and had our food from Sweet D's Shrimp Shack. The clam chowder was quite different from typical chowders.....flavored with thyme and came along with a delicious little shrimp fritter. We also decided to try out an elk burger and an oyster burger. I was a bit dismayed when I saw the oyster burger on the menu....seemed like a strange idea. They both were quite good! So if you are ever in the area, I highly recommend Sweet D's Shrimp Shack.

However, enough talk about food. We decided to wander around the park and take in the views of the bridge. It is pretty amazing to think of all the work that was put into connecting these two islands with the construction of this bridge. The pass underneath the bridge is known to have big waves, swift currents and even huge whirlpools during large tide changes.

This is where I am going to leave things off for today. Tomorrow, I will write more about the rest of the day and some found objects that I am going to use in my jewelry.

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bpm2000 said...

there's some good fishing there! ;)