Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Travels: Whidbey Island (part II)...

So after our stop at Deception Pass we decided it would be fun to drive around the rest of the island and take in the scenery of the scenic isle way. Little fact: Whidbey Island's Scenic Isle Way is known as the first designated Washington State Scenic Byway on an island. Along the way, we stopped by some towns as well as lovely beaches.

One of our stops was Coupeville.This town definitely has an old world feel. It is as though you have literally stepped back in time or at least into what life was like once in a small frontier American seaport community. Unfortunately, by the time we got there all the shops were basically closed so we could only walk around and peek in.

Before leaving Whidbey Island by ferry, our last stop was Langley. This "village by the sea" is full of restaurants, galleries, antique dealers, small boutiques and gourmet chocolate shops--all located on the waterfront with views of distant peaks of the Cascade Mountains! But before I end this post, I am going to share with you my found objects from Whidbey Island.

An array of beach stones and sea glass! It was my first time ever finding sea glass. I was so thrilled when I found my first piece, this aqua blue chunk:

......I was hooked. I really enjoying finding items on my travels, since it is a way of bringing a piece of that place and one's memories back. So now my eyes were immediately glued to the ground once again, this time trying to find these tumbled, smooth pieces of frosted glass. Picking up these glass fragments it was hard not to wonder: how old are some of these pieces, where did they come from, what were they once, who used them last....and so on. I am planning on making a few limited pieces of jewelry with my found objects from Whidbey Island. So stay tuned!

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Jaimee said...

I'm in love with Sea Glass!!! I make it a point to go searching each summer at this small little beach in Rock Hall, MD right on the bay. I always find tons!!!