Sunday, April 5, 2009

Polish Bazaar.

So I have been a little behind with posting a new blog post. Last week was pretty busy since I was preparing for my first ever craft show/bazaar at the Polish Hall in Seattle. I really didn't know what to expect or even how to prepare. I still had so many questions and uncertainties. Do I have enough things? What do I need to bring? Have I forgotten anything and so on.

Bench pin with necklaces:

Bench chaos:

However, I am really grateful that I got to take part in the Polish Bazaar. It was definitely a wonderful learning experience. I think even though I had read up on preparing for craft shows---I learned so much more from actually doing it. I took lots of notes on things that I could improve on for next time. I came to realize that this sort of venue for sharing your work with others is really interesting because you get to engage with customers, see people's reaction to your work and it is a bit more personal. I also really enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people that I did! So I think in the future...I do see myself wanting to take part in such venues.

Polish Bazaar (my table):

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