Monday, May 18, 2009

danish credenza.

Well, I hope you had a relaxing weekend. We had some pretty amazing "summer-like" weather here in Washington. On that note, I took a nice little break from some of my studio work this weekend and headed outdoors to some garage sales. I really like to go to garage sales as well as thrift stores, bazaars, flea markets--- I guess for me it is the notion of knowing that whatever I find already carries with it some sort of past. This is also something that I am drawn to when creating my jewelry: having my work tell a story. However, I would like to share with you my wonderful find:

I have needed some extra storage for quite some time. I really like how this piece is so minimal, yet has an amazing amount of space as well as serves a dual purpose--storage + desk. Oh, and it is made in Denmark!

And it was a such a bargain....... I ended up paying only ten dollars! I am so excited to use it.

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