Friday, May 15, 2009

Tell me those are poppy seeds

Happy Friday to me---I took a look on (a fun little tool that helps you find out if you are featured in any of the gift guides or treasuries on Etsy) and found out my Oval Link- Earrings were first chosen as an alternate item, but now are one of the featured items in the treasury! Thank you budpnq for including them in your treasury. Here is the treasury (please stop by and take a look, before it expires):

*(my earrings are the third image in the third row)
Thanks again budpnq for including me in your treasury!
Link to: Tell me those are poppy seeds
Link to: budpnq

Budpnq (real name Katie) has been creating art since her "little fingers could wrap themselves around a crayon". It was interesting to read Katie's profile and how she came about beading. Take a look @ her bio to find out how her shop name came to be and who encouraged her to take up beading! Link to profile: Katie's Bio As I was looking around her shop...I came across this whimsical necklace filled with pink and green flowers.

I continued to read the description about the piece:

**Original & One-of-a-Kind**

Touched by the story of Cora Paige, I offer this necklace to honor her memory and to say thank you to her parents for letting us in on their hurt and inspiring us all with their enduring faith in God during such a painful time. If you would like to read their story, please visit and

100% of the purchase price ($40) of this necklace will be donated to benefit Cora's Playground.

....what a wonderful piece and a truly touching story.

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bud said...

Thank you, Ada! It makes me so happy that you picked "Pink Balloons" to feature. The story of The McClenahans is nothing short of amazing.