Sunday, May 31, 2009

paper trail (continued)....

So I am back.... sorry for the delay in postings (I have just been extremely busy this past week with filling orders... lots of time in the studio!). But now I am back and I won't keep you waiting any longer on those scanned images turned graphics.

So last week, I mentioned that I would tell you what some of those old scanned documents from Communist Poland have turned into. I had scanned various documents that had to do with Communism as well as the Solidarity movement in Poland.

Solidarity flyer:

ration card:

I then photoshopped the images so they looked more like graphics:

From there, I experimented with staining paper both with tea and coffee to get the desired effect:

I then printed those graphics onto my stained paper. I wanted to include these documents in a piece entitled "The Round Table Meeting of 1989". Perhaps, you are wondering what is the significance of these documents?

Well, the piece itself is about the Polish Round Table Agreements of 1989 that took place in Warsaw, Poland from February 6th to April 4th, 1989-- these talks are an important part of Poland's history and transition. The Communist government had initiated the discussion with the banned trade union Solidarność along with other opposition groups in an attempt to defuse the growing social unrest within Poland. These talks had radically altered the shape of the Polish government and society---ultimately bringing momentum to the fall of the entire Communist bloc.

I wanted to make a piece of wearable art depicting these Polish Round Table Talks since they were an essential part in bringing change to Poland and essentially the rest of the Eastern bloc.

Here is a little sneak peek:

Can you guess what kind of wearable piece it is? I will post some more images of the piece this week! Also stay tuned this week for Claire's Standout Prom photo shoot with Christy Pelland of c.pelland photography.... the photos are stunning! Here is a little preview:

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