Wednesday, August 19, 2009

four new treasuries...

You can imagine how surprised I was to find out that some of my pieces made it into four new treasuries today! How cool! Thank you everyone for including me in these wonderful treasuries.

I really do get excited when I find out one of my pieces make it into a treasury--it is like a present. You know it is gift, but you don't know what it is until you open it (at least that is how I feel about treasuries). I will be posting each of the treasuries here along with a brief shop description of the curators and a picture of my favorite item from each shop. I enjoy learning about the people behind the work and etsy shops!

Here is yet another great treasury put together by budpnq. My Petit Heart-Necklace made it into budpnq's treasury titled: nobody puts baby in a corner

Thanks budpnq!
Link to treasury: nobody puts baby in a corner

I have mentioned a bit about budpnq before here on my blog. She always comes up with such lovely treasuries and am truly happy when my work gets included in them. Her work is colorful and refreshing!

My Baltic Amber- Mix n' Match Set of THREE- Rings made it into this themed treasury titled: The Heartless Queen

Thank you Ureshii!
Link to treasury: The Heartless Queen

Ursheii is a fun clothing shop on etsy! These two west coast girls (Emily and Amanda) have a personalized and practical approach to style.

My World Textile (Awayo/Bolivia)- Earrings made it into this treasury that included a few of veroque's favorite items: To Be Different!

Thanks veroque!

Vered is the name of the lady behind veroque. She lives in Israel with her two adorable children and is a wife to a wonderful friend. After her daughter's birth in 2003, she began to create art and soon after "discovered the world of beads"....

While last, but definitely not least my Words (Tak/Nie)- Earrings made it into: I promote you, you'll promote me

Thanks TheCushion!

The designer behind TheCushion lives in Israel and loves to work with Damascus. Her profile states: "Craft is my Oxygen- sewing, embroidering and knitting... since I remember myself."

In tomorrow's blog I will write a bit about some of the new items that will be SOON available in my shop as well as a special "weekend deal" that will be happening! Stay tuned.

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