Friday, August 14, 2009

PONCHO Invitational Fine Arts Exhibition.

Wednesday evening was the Preview Party for the PONCHO Invitational Fine Arts Exhibition. I was really excited about getting to see the nearly 300 pieces of art that was donated this year. Works that ranged all media-- from paintings, prints, sculpture, jewelry and glass.

The PONCHO auction committee put together the PONCHO Invitational Fine Art Exhibition so that all the art could be on display for public viewing in a salon-style showing before the PONCHO auction. The PONCHO Invitational Fine Art Exhibition will be up from Aug 13-15 and Aug 20-22. Open to the public Noon - 6:00pm at Western Bridge (3412 4th Ave South/ Seattle, WA 98104).

I really liked the outside architecture of the Western Bridge as well as the space inside. Industrial and simple.

Here is my USSR Bloc brooch hung along with: (above) Clouds necklace by Susanne Lechler Osborn, (left) Untitled brooch by Jennifer Howard Kicinski, (middle) USSR Bloc brooch by Ada Rosman (me), (right) Untitled earrings by Trudee Hill.

Close-up of all four pieces:

There were so many great pieces of work. I ended up taking quite a few pictures, but I narrowed the selection down to just a few for the blog.

Kinu Watanabe
Afterimage- Stacked Books

Julia Therese Hensheid

Michael Kenna
Kussharo Lake Tree, Study 5

a shelf full of all kinds of wonderful pieces:

Micki Lippe
Two Bugle Flowers

Midori Saito

Chris McMullen

Laura Ward

Eugenia Pardue
Stillness at Dawn

Evert Sodergren
Sculptured Chair & Sculptured Ottoman

Some of my friends/classmates also had donated a piece so it was really nice to meet up with them there and spend some time together. I love how we all are looking somewhere else and have interesting facial expressions.

The 8th Annual Invitational Fine Art Auction will be on Saturday, October 3, 2009, 5:00pm at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel (1400 Sixth Avenue/ Seattle, WA 98101).

If you would like more information about the auction and ticket/pricing levels head on over to the PONCHO website:


Humayun said...

I just stumbled into ur website and found it quite good with impressive stuff. I have also created my own blog and it’s my first experience. I am a man with non technical background. Wud welcum your suggestions if any to embellish it further.

katie said...

Your brooch is beautiful, Ada! (As are the other pieces) Thanks for sharing these pictures! :D

Ada Rosman said...

Thanks Katie! There were so many lovely pieces of work.... I couldn't stop taking photos.