Friday, August 7, 2009

two new locations!

Sorry, for the the lack of postings this week. I just have been super busy. I have been working on orders for two new boutiques that will be carrying my jewelry. I am super excited and thrilled about them both. I mentioned last week, that I would tell you where these locations are. Here goes:

who: Habit
where: 1951 w. division street/ Chicago, IL. 60622

who: Circle & Square
where: 344 Presidio Avenue/ San Francisco, CA. 94115

The orders will be off to: Habit and Circle & Square next week!

I have also been working on some Hick Party items like the "best dressed" crowns and what I would like to call "hickalicious" jewelry. I can't believe the benefit is tomorrow and unfortunately the weather does not look too promising. For what seems like a few weeks now of zero rain--- it looks like we have a chance of it tomorrow. But perhaps things will change.

Last week, I met up with Rebecca Stewart (a wonderful graphic designer) in Tacoma to discuss her custom wedding pieces. We talked over all the ideas and decided on all the details of her pieces. More on Rebecca's custom pieces in future posts.

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